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Helping you navigate the American chaos.

This is an independent media website founded on 26 October 2018.

We are based in St Louis, Missouri.

This website contains:

1.) Information and Entertainment

2.) The mainstream media spins propaganda and fake news on a regular basis, so The True World points out exactly how they’re misleading you with every major story we publish here.

3.) We provide the facts with no bias, but after that, we explain the mainstream media narrative. In many cases, the facts and the mainstream media narrative don’t match. That’s why The True World is here.

4.) Jeffery Branham, founder and administrator of The True World, has launched a podcast wherein he will discuss political and cultural topics. That will be very biased, unlike his news articles.

5.) The True World has a YouTube channel that founder Jeffery Branham uses to create various videos and music recordings. Like this website, the YouTube channel also started out as a satire channel. Older videos will definitely be either comedy or music. Stay tuned for more!

6.) Founder Jeffery Branham has a new Gab account to support the free speech of everyone, including people who spew “hate speech.” Jeffery is a Free Speech Absolutist.

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