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Pipe Bombs Sent To Public Figures

CORRECTION: The unmodified stamps on the bomb package could have been due to human error or the nature of the soft packaging, thanks to Snopes. My original statements about the stamps now have a line crossing them out.

28 October 2018, Jeffery Branham

The Facts

From October 22nd through October 26th, there have been a serious of pipe bombs sent through the mail addressed to multiple public figures, most of them politicians affiliated with the Democrat Party. Allegedly, one of these homemade bombs was addressed to Former CIA Director John Brennan, but incorrectly sent to CNN’s Time Warner Building in NYC.

There is a clear timeline of the bombs intercepted by security teams and law enforcement. Each of these dates and names of public figures correspond to a pipe bomb being sent to them by mail. In parentheses, I’ll write what each public figure is known for. Here is that timeline:

22 October 2018

George Soros (billionaire known for funding a large number of left-leaning causes)

23 October 2018

Hillary Clinton (famous Democrat known for scandals, nominee for president in 2016)

24 October 2018

1.) Eric Holder (former US Attorney General) —Returned to “sender”

2.) Debbie Wasserman Schultz (Democrat Congresswoman) —the “sender”

3.) John Brennan (former CIA Director, MSNBC Contributor)

4.) Maxine Waters (Democrat Congresswoman) —received two bombs

5.) Barack Obama (former US President)

25 October 2018

1.) Robert De Niro (famous Hollywood actor)

2.) Joe Biden (former US Vice President) —received two bombs

26 October 2018

1.) Cory Booker (Democrat US Senator, known for being “Spartacus”)

2.) James Clapper (former US Intelligence Official)

As of 11:22 AM Central Standard Time on 26 October 2018, multiple media outlets are reporting that authorities have made an arrest in Florida that is related to these bombs. Details haven’t yet been confirmed.

The Mainstream Media Narratives

Left-Leaning Narrative

Basically, some crazy right-wing terrorist, who must be a Trump supporter, is sending bombs to random Democrats to strike fear into Americans. President Trump is somehow responsible for this. In their headlines, you’ll see “prominent Trump critics” are the recipients of these bombs. Their intention is to mislead you into jumping to conclusions based only on the political histories of the bomb recipients.

The problem with this narrative is, first of all, we don’t have enough evidence to jump to conclusions about the kind of person or group who is sending these bombs. Also, it’s silly to point out the fact these left-leaning public figures have been strong Trump critics. Most popular left-leaning public figures have been strong Trump critics; that isn’t some kind of minority in the Democrat party.

Second issue is the fact that Trump has never encouraged any of his supporters to send explosive devices to left-leaning public figures or attempt to assassinate them. Although some of Trump’s political rhetoric has been questionable (to say the least), we can’t hold Trump responsible for an action he never publicly suggested anybody to take. Bending over backwards to blame Trump for this is a pure distraction from the real life investigation of who did this.

Don’t let them mislead and distract you with these false narratives.

Right-Leaning Narrative

These pipe bombs were sent at an awfully convenient time: right before the Midterm Election Cycle. The caravan of migrants traveling to the US through Mexico wasn’t a good enough virtue signaling distraction for the Democrats, so they sent bombs to themselves, out of desperation, to paint themselves as victims and cast conservatives as crazy terrorists. Democrats are truly hoping this increases voting turn out for that #BlueWave they’ve been talking about.

The issue with this narrative is similar to the first part of the left-leaning narrative: it lacks evidence. While it’s possible this was some kind of elaborate false flag and a political stunt designed to change the outcome of the Midterm Elections, we don’t have evidence to support that. At this point, we don’t know what the investigation might reveal, so we can’t jump to conclusions and pretend like we know for sure what’s happening.

Essentially, the right-leaning narrative is playing on your emotions: anger and betrayal. If this really was a false flag, staged terrorist attack, that would make you feel outraged and betrayed, right? Well, don’t let your emotions control you. This is a propaganda tactic being used by mainstream conservative public figures. It’s a conspiracy theory that, while possible, has no proof whatsoever. However, there are some issues with this story that I will point out.

Alleged Picture of Bomb Package Sent To CNN Building

Look closely at this picture and see if you can figure out some inconsistencies. I’ll tell you what they are anyway, but I want you to look for problems before reading what I have to say next…

pipe bomb package

Okay, immediately, here are some issues…

1.) The stamps seem to be unmodified, whereas they should be cancelled out by the postal service by this time.

2.) This package is coming from Sunrise, “Florids.” Misspelled Florida. Generally, people try to focus when writing any kind of address, but this was typed, so that makes it twice as suspicious.

3.) To John “Brenan.” If you wanted to send a bomb to a public figure, the first thing you’d know is how to spell the person’s name. It’s John BRENNAN, with two n’s.

4.) John Brennan doesn’t work at CNN; he works at MSNBC. That isn’t the same corporation and also isn’t the same building. If somebody wanted to cause harm to a public figure, the terrorist would definitely know where the target works.

I suspect whoever created this package was trying to be intentionally confusing. However, the stamps being unmodified? That’s incredibly odd. I’m not saying the right-leaning narrative of the false flag terrorist attack is true, but there are plenty of inconsistencies pertaining to this package. Of course, if I were to put on my own tin foil hat, I might say this isn’t the real package.

From a law enforcement standpoint, it would make sense to give a fake package to the media that’s intentionally incorrect. If the sender of the package wanted fame for doing this, seeing an obvious fake on the media might draw the sender out of hiding. This could definitely be a psychological tactic employed by the authorities.

The Inherent Absurdity Of The Packages

This isn’t being mentioned by very many media outlets or political commentators right now, but the entire strategy of someone sending bombs to high-profile people is absurd. Think about it: None of the people who received these bombs check their own mail. They all have security teams scanning the mail specifically to make sure nothing harmful might be in the packages.

We’re either dealing with an actual conspiracy or we’re dealing with a complete moron.

Constructive criticism and opinions are welcome!

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