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Social Network ‘Gab’ Targeted By Thought Police

Hello readers.

I haven’t posted any new articles in the past week, although I was going to write a comprehensive article analyzing the mainstream media narratives (and propaganda) regarding the Pittsburg Synagogue mass shooter case. Then, something much more interesting than the typical mass shooting happened…

Gab, a social media network created to adhere to the principles of free speech, was targeted by Big Tech Oligarchs. The mainstream media did something new this time: they blamed a social media platform for the actions of the shooter. It was ridiculous. Of course there will be people who spread “hate speech” on a free speech platform. However, it’s not Gab’s job to make sure nobody’s feelings get hurt by unpopular opinions.

If you believe in Freedom of Speech, you’re not going to be concerned with protecting feelings and censoring mean words/ideas. However, if you’re Tech Oligarchs and the stupendously dishonest mainstream media, you might take on the role as Professional Thought Policecensoring everybody who isn’t monolithic and reinforcing groupthink. Gab users aren’t having the oligarchy’s pre-approved thought patterns, so they must be smeared into submission… except it’s not going to work.

Think about how cowardly and unintelligent you have to be to conclude the answer to “hate speech”, however you define it, is to censor and/or de-platform it. By even thinking for a second that’s the answer, you’ve admitted you’re not only afraid to have a conversation with the person, but you’re also not smart enough to produce a counterargument.

If their hateful ideas are so absurd, why don’t you create a counterargument or debunk their claims? After all, since their ideas are so fatally incorrect, it should be easy to argue against them, shouldn’t it?

The cowardly, unintelligent media elites have no response to what they call “hate speech.” All they can do, as the intellectual midget they are, is depict some of the anti-Semitic Gab users as representatives of the entire social network.

I did an experiment earlier today. All I did was honestly introduce myself and my ideas, while telling the users of Gab what brought me there (the dishonest media and tech oligarchs).

My post reached a high level of engagement and ZERO white nationalists or neo-Nazis responded, out of a large number of comments in a short period of time.

I have proof the mainstream media is lying their asses off about Gab.

gab first post

Where are all the “alt-right” and “Nazis”, mainstream media? You lied to the public once again, shamelessly, and I founded this website to expose your lies.

I created my own Gab account and I will now be using that account for most political discussions through social media. I’m following “extreme” people on purpose, but also anybody else I find on that website who has interesting ideas. That doesn’t mean I agree with the ideas of anybody I follow.

Here is my account link, if you’re interested: My Gab Account.

Kind Regards,

Jeffery Branham (founder of The True World)

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