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Media Creates Fake News Stories About Jim Acosta’s White House Suspension

Yesterday, on 7 November 2018, the White House Secret Service denied reporter Jim Acosta access to White House grounds, requesting him to turn in his press pass. The duration of Jim’s suspension was not specified, but he was suspended “until further notice.” Prior to this suspension, Jim Acosta and President Trump had an unpleasant interaction.

Liberal Media Narrative

Jim Acosta was completely professional and didn’t deserve to have his White House press pass suspended. President Trump was completely out of line. This is an attack on Freedom of Press.

Conservative Media Narrative

Jim Acosta was not only rude, but also “put his hands on” a female White House intern. He deserved to be suspended for this behavior.

Real Life

I’ll address both fake news narratives after showing you the complete, unedited video of the interaction that led to Jim Acosta’s suspension.

Here is the unedited video of the exchange between President Trump and Jim Acosta. This happened on 7 November 2018 and C-Span uploaded the video footage to its official YouTube channel on the same day.

After asking his own questions to President Trump, Jim Acosta (employee of CNN) interrupted the next journalist a total of 4 times. Also, when a White House intern (woman in the red dress) attempted to take his microphone away, Jim held more tightly to his microphone, preventing her from doing so.

So, the mainstream liberal media narrative is incorrect about Jim’s high level of professionalism as it is considered rude and/or inappropriate to interrupt other people multiple times in quick succession, especially in the context of an official press conference.

At the same time, President Trump made disparaging personal remarks against Jim Acosta, also correctly stating that CNN frequently publishes fake news (paraphrased). Since both men were rude and the liberal mainstream media wants you to think Trump was the only person out of line, they focused only on Trump’s behavior and completely ignored Acosta’s behavior.

It’s not an attack on Freedom of Press either, for two important reasons. First of all, CNN can send a substitute in Jim Acosta’s place to ask questions at White House Press Conferences. Secondly, the media outlet itself (CNN) was not banned from sending employees to ask questions to Trump Administration officials. Lastly, Freedom of Press does not guarantee the specific “right” to be invited into the White House.

Meanwhile, the conservative mainstream media focused on Jim Acosta holding onto his microphone more tightly as the White House intern tried to take it from him. They exaggerated the amount of physical contact, most commonly using the phrase he “put his hands on” her.

As you can see in the video, Jim Acosta had his arm extended as he was attempting to ask more questions and physical contact was inevitable when the intern tried to take his microphone. Their arms brushed against each other. Also, the reason why the intern appeared to struggle for a second is because she tried to pull the microphone away from Jim Acosta, but he was clinging to it. Jim Acosta didn’t strike her, push her, or do anything else remotely resembling an assault.

Final Thoughts

It’s absurd that the mainstream media thinks Americans are so stupid they can tell us lies about what happened when we can easily just watch the video footage. They’re trying to tell you a different story that doesn’t match what actually happened. I don’t know what’s more insulting than a media outlet telling you something different than reality happened when there’s easily accessible video footage showing the entire interaction.

Both narratives don’t match the video. These stories pretending like something different than what you saw on video happened are fake news stories.

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