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‘Son Cries At His Father’s Funeral’ – Absurd Mainstream Media Headlines

As you may have heard, the 41st President of the United States, (former president) George H. W. Bush, is no longer alive. He died at age 94 on 30 November 2018 at his home in Houston, Texas.

george hw bush photo

Since he was a former president, George H. W. Bush was given a state funeral, which is a type of public funeral adhering to official government standards of ceremony and decorum. State funerals are a tradition in the United States; their purpose is to honor deceased people of national importance. This is not necessarily news, as any time a major US politician dies, a state funeral usually follows. These ceremonies are the standard procedures following the death of major government officials (and former major government officials).

The purpose of this article is to show you, the reader, that the mainstream media lacks even the most basic common sense.

When you think about a funeral, what do you envision? You probably imagine a casket, either open or closed, containing the dead person for which the funeral was arranged. Another thing you might visualize is a gathering of people who had some type of relationship with the deceased individual. Those people could be family members, friends, a spouse, acquaintances, etc. Sounds normal, right?

Next, I want you to imagine what kind of emotions might be displayed by sons and daughters of the dead person. Just for the sake of relevance to my point, let’s imagine the sons and daughters are all adults. What kinds of emotions might they express? Well, if you’re thinking primarily of sadness and grief, we’re on the same page. It’s not unusual to see the sons and daughters of their parent crying at the funeral. If you’ve ever lost a parent or similarly close relative or friend, you probably cried at the funeral. This is completely normal.

Now, let’s say the mainstream media is recording and doing live broadcasts of a funeral wherein a son is mourning the death of his father. His father just died, so he’s probably going to shed tears and show signs of overwhelming sadness, whether cameras are in the room or not.

george bush father's eulogy

In this case, that son is George W. Bush, who was the 43rd President of the United States. He cried while delivering a eulogy about his father. The idea that a son might cry at his father’s funeral is incredibly obvious and anybody with even an ounce of common sense would expect something like that to happen.

Here’s where the mainstream media comes in, demonstrating, like they do on a regular basis, their total lack of common sense. I’ll show you one example, give some commentary on it, and then show other examples afterwards to solidify my point. Of course, you can watch the video footage of the eulogy if you wish, but I want you to focus on the ridiculous title.

From CNN, we have a video titled: George W. Bush cries delivering eulogy for his father, George H.W. Bush. In the world of zero common sense (CNN’s world), this video title is perfect. To anybody with common sense and/or empathy, this video title is very strange. It sounds like something you would read from The Onion, which is the most popular Satire News outlet in the United States. In fact, one technique of satire is to give your writing a silly title like CNN did with their video.

Since the names in the title are public figures and it’s a state funeral, let’s, for the sake of argument, say the video is footage from an ordinary funeral. What might that title look like? Let me give it a try: Son Cries At His Father’s Funeral. Doesn’t that sound like an absurd headline?

I think I’ve made my point.

NBC News thought we needed to know the eulogy would be emotional. I’m glad they think ordinary folks can’t figure that out on their own. Their video title: George W. Bush Praises The ‘Best Father’ In Emotional Eulogy. Ah yes, the eulogy was emotional. I’m glad NBC told us that or else we may have mistaken it for an emotionless eulogy.

USA Today wanted us to know the son, giving a eulogy for his father, choked up. That’s good to know, since we expected him to be entirely robotic, maintaining perfect composure. Right?

ABC News, not to be outdone, tells us the son expressed tears and laughter through the eulogy at his father’s funeral. Laughter helps human beings cope with tragedy, but the humanoids at ABC News thought this was notable enough to write into their video title.

Finally, we have… this…

Global News let us know groundbreaking information in this video title: the son was emotional when officials delivered his father in a casket to the funeral location.

I would have never guessed. Thank you for letting us know that, Global News.

Of course, Global News isn’t part of the American mainstream media, but this awkward video title was on the first page of my YouTube search, so I included it as an “honorable mention.”

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