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Teenage Boy Smiles at Native American Singing and Beating Drum

teenage boy smiles

The Facts

A teenage boy smiled while an elderly Native American beat a traditional drum and sang a native melody. Both individuals were facing one another. This happened in Washington DC at Lincoln Memorial.

That’s the story. I wish I were joking.

Mainstream Media Narrative

Covington Catholic High School teenagers (of Kentucky) were “taunting” Native Americans due to bigotry and perhaps racism. They were “harassing” these poor downtrodden Native Americans and “mocking” them viciously. This boy was full of hatred, clearly, as indicated by simply standing there and smiling during the Native American elder’s performance.

If it comes from a popular media outlet, it must be a completely rock solid and logical analysis of the event, right?

Real Life

The Covington Catholic High School teenagers were gathered at Lincoln Memorial for a pro-life event. Many of them were presumably supporters of President Trump because they were wearing “Make America Great Again” caps.

Protesters from a “Black Israelites” group began screaming insults and racial slurs at these teenagers. One creative choice of insult was a comment describing their haircuts as “school shooter haircuts”. In response, the teenagers yelled pep rally style chants, which did not contain insults.

Video of that interaction from BitChute (with commentary from a woman unaffiliated with The True World).

Perceiving a conflict between the teenagers and the fringe radical group, Native Americans, including featured Nathan Philips, entered the crowd of high school students, performing traditional native melodies (singing the melodies while keeping a beat using their drums).

An interview of Nathan Philips, Native American featured in the viral video footage, can be found here:

The video title is intentionally divisive because it claims Nathan Philips was “harassed” by the high schoolers. He was not “harassed”, but MSNBC wouldn’t let that get in the way of a good clickbait title designed to infuriate people. In fact, many of those teenagers from Covington Catholic High School began to sing and dance to the native melodies themselves and seemed to be enjoying themselves.

Listen to Nathan Philips, the Native American who performed the melody. The deceptive interviewer from MSNBC has absolutely no shame in her dishonest reporting. However, Nathan Philips explains what he perceived and why he and a few other Native Americans decided to enter the crowd, performing their traditional native melodies.

Obviously, Nathan Philips explains how he and other natives wanted to diffuse the conflicting interaction between the teenagers and the “Black Israelites” group by performing what Nathan described as religious melodies. Nathan also describes the traditional drums used in the natives’ performance as religious musical instruments.


The hoax and fake news stories circulated by so-called “reputable” media outlets in light of this event should make you reconsider taking them seriously ever again.

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