My Plans For Music, Media, and Entertainment

Hello Readers,

I am Jeffery Branham, founder and administrator of The True World. Lately, I’ve been preoccupied with how to structure my day-to-day life. This has been a little difficult because I’m attempting to do a large number of things at once, filling up my days so that I always have something to work on.

In January 2019, this year, I decided to pick up the Trumpet as a musical instrument for me to play regularly. Back in middle school and high school (I graduated high school in May 2009), I played the trumpet and I was quite good at it (for a high school player). However, I didn’t have the proper guidance, I had no access to a good horn, and I had no clue how important a proper mouthpiece was for playing the instrument.

Now, I know all these things. Also, I have guidance from one of my favorite musicians, a childhood hero of mine. However, this musician is not just a ‘childhood’ hero: he’s still a hero of mine. He always will be. I won’t be namedropping or anything like that, but I couldn’t ask for a better teacher. That’s for sure!

I’ve made trumpet a part of my daily life and a habit. My primary passion is composing music, but the trumpet has always been close to my heart. I cannot play on a professional level at this time (4 March 2019), but I’m very rapidly improving my skills on the trumpet, so I’m optimistic about the future. Once I’m skilled enough, I’ll start getting involved in the local gigs here in St Louis. I believe it’ll be a blast, no pun intended!


1.) My trumpet practice routine is already set in stone.

2.) Music composition and music theory analysis will be added to my daily schedule.

3.) I’ll memorize many techniques that I currently have to reference from musical experiments I’ve conducted in the past. This will mean all that important information about composing techniques, chord progressions, and much more will be in my head, not just on paper.

4.) I also have a passion for current events and politics. I believe I have some decent ideas and an interesting worldview to offer people, so I will broadcast that. My goal is to create a video about either current events or politics three times a week, releasing it on YouTube.

5.) I want to start a podcast, but until I get the first four items on this list in order, I will not be planning or launching my podcast. It’s definitely something I want to do, but I’m not ready for it yet.

I’m Concerned About Overlap

One thing I’m concerned about is the overlap of music, media, and entertainment. I want to provide all three of these things, but I feel like I definitely need to separate my MUSIC from my OPINION videos. There are a couple of reasons behind this, you see…

If I publish everything on the same channel, someone who doesn’t like my opinion on a certain political topic might troll the music side of my YouTube channel. I’m almost certain this is going to happen. However…

Should I even care? Honestly, I don’t believe I should give a fuck. If somebody who doesn’t like my opinion on x, y, and z decides “I’m going to talk shit about Jeffery’s music”, there’s not really anything I can do about that. If somebody wishes to troll me, they’re going to do it anyway, regardless of whether or not I keep things separated.

I Don’t Really Care

I don’t really care about people insulting me or putting forth negative opinions about me. If you happen to disagree with anything I say in any of my opinion videos, leave a comment with a rebuttal. Make a counterpoint or a counterargument. Insults, shaming language, and memes aren’t real arguments and I will not take them seriously.

However, if you do choose to insult me, my political beliefs, or my musical abilities, I only ask one thing of you, okay?


Kind Regards,

Jeffery Branham (founder and admin)

Constructive criticism and opinions are welcome!

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