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Terrorist Mass Shooter Targets Mosques In New Zealand

With a heavy heart, I bring you these messages of truth about the brutal terrorist attack in Christchurch, New Zealand…

The Facts

In Christchurch, New Zealand, a mass shooter walked into the Al Noor mosque and opened fire on unarmed attendees of the mosque using a semi-automatic, magazine-fed rifle. He later targeted unarmed attendees of a second mosque in Linwood, a nearby suburb.

The mass shooter murdered 41 people in the Al Noor mosque attack, 7 people in the Lindwood suburban mosque, and two wounded victims died in a hospital. So, the total casualty count was 50 people. Likewise, 48 victims were wounded, but not killed. These victims who are still alive are reportedly getting medical attention.

Based on the age range of the victims, the mass shooter targeted both adults and children indiscriminately. The shooter spared nobody, regardless of age, gender, or any other factors. Every person in attendance of the mosques was a target.

The spree killer livestreamed just over 16 minutes of his actions on ‘Facebook Live’, but as soon as the New Zealand authorities informed Facebook of the livestream’s existence, Facebook employees stopped and removed the content.

Despite social media companies deleting all uploads and links to this graphic mass murder video from their websites, the killing spree went “viral”. However, even platforms that normally host graphically violent videos, such as ‘Liveleak’, restricted or deleted the terrorist’s livestream.

The mass shooter wrote a ‘manifesto’, which described the shooter’s ideology and included a standard ‘Frequently Asked Questions’ section for common questions people have about mass shooters, although it wasn’t specifically called an ‘FAQ’.

The shooter’s name is Brenton Tarrant and he has been arrested/charged by New Zealand legal authorities.

Here is a picture of terrorist Brenton Tarrant, a “selfie” from his barbaric livestream:

new zealand mosque shooter

Why Say ‘Terrorist’?

Many people have a common complaint, specifically when a white man does a mass shooting, that the media doesn’t call the person a “terrorist”. These individuals decry a “double standard” by which white terrorists are dismissed as “mentally ill” and brown Islamic terrorists are immediately called “evil”.

What is a terrorist?

Terrorist (noun): a person who uses unlawful violence and intimidation, especially against civilians, in the pursuit of political aims.

That is the dictionary definition of a terrorist, but other definitions include religious motivations as well as political motivations. Well, was Brenton Tarrant politically motivated? According to his ‘manifesto’, yes, he absolutely was.

Shooter’s Ideology and Motivations

Two ideologies motivated Brenton Tarrant’s rampage: White Nationalism and Fascism. My source is his ‘manifesto’, which is titled ‘The Great Replacement’. You can read it here: New Zealand Mosque Shooter’s Manifesto.

In the ‘Introduction’ section of Brenton Tarrant‘s manifesto, he wrote, three times in a row: It’s the birthrates.” He goes on to explain that Europe, from his perspective, should be ethnically white and the demographic changes have alarmed him. Brenton explains how he’s afraid non-white immigrants having higher birthrates than white natives will cause a “great replacement”. Basically, he views the decrease in white demographic percentages as a huge threat to Europe and other white-majority nations.

Brenton wrote that the combination of non-white immigration and very low white fertility rates is equivalent to systematic murder. From his manifesto, I quote: This is WHITE GENOCIDE.” From the terrorist’s perspective, strong demographic changes that greatly decrease the percentage of white people in Europe are no different than “genocide”.

In Brenton’s manifesto, he declared non-white immigrants to be “invaders” and, in his FAQ section, he poses the hypothetical question “Why did you carry out the attack?” He answered his own question with this, and I quote:

To most of all show the invaders that our lands will never be their lands, our homelands are our own and that, as long as a white man still lives, they will NEVER conquer our lands and they will never replace our people.”

Brenton Tarrant, the terrorist, has quite a laundry list of reasons he wrote in his manifesto for committing this atrocious act of mass murder. To keep this article concise, I will not list ALL his reasons written in his manifesto. You can read it for yourself if you’re interested in the psychology of this racially motivated spree killer.

However, an important thing to note is that Brenton asserted he was getting “revenge” for acts of violence committed by Islamic criminals. One example is he wished, and I quote: To take revenge for Ebba Akerlund.

Who is Ebba Akerlund?

Ebba Akerlund was an 11 year-old Swedish girl who was a victim of an Islamic terrorist attack involving some kind of hijacked vehicle. The media has buried information about the Ebba Akerlund case because it’s extremely difficult to find detailed information about what happened to this preteen Swedish girl.

Obviously, the media has some kind of insidious agenda. Otherwise, they would not bury information about Ebba Akerlund. Type her name into your search engine and you’ll find nothing but cricket sounds from the media.

Telling Ebba’s story clearly goes against the mainstream media’s narrative, whatever their agenda may be, so in that respect, you can possibly understand Brenton Tarrant’s outrage. I make this conclusion (that there must be an insidious agenda) because the media intentionally tried to avoid even acknowledging this girl’s story.

However, I want to make something clear: Although I can understand Brenton’s anger about the Ebba Akerlund case, I completely disavow his terrorist attack. There’s a difference between understanding something and condoning it. I condone NONE of what Brenton did.

This is a picture of Ebba Akerlund, who was the 11 year-old Swedish girl murdered by an Islamic terrorist:

Ebba Akerlund

Obviously, this girl didn’t deserve to have her life stolen from her like that. I wish I had more information, but the media has buried her story as it doesn’t suit their narrative. If Ebba could read this, I just want to say I’m sorry your story was ignored and that it went against the mainstream media’s insidious agenda.

I care about what happened to Ebba and so should everyone else. Shame on all the media outlets who ignored her story; there was no excuse to bury this information. The mainstream media is run by immoral individuals who ignore important stories intentionally.

However, despite her story being buried by the media, that is no excuse for somebody to carry out a terrorist attack. There is never an excuse to carry out such a vile act as Brenton Tarrant committed. Critics may accuse me of “sympathizing” with Brenton because of Ebba Akerlund’s case, which is disingenuous and sick on their part if they do that.

The Fake “Right-Wing Extremist” Narrative

The mainstream media and public figures such as Prime Minister of New Zealand have labeled Brenton Tarrant, the terrorist, as a “right-wing extremist” or “far-right terrorist”. Well, they’re correct that he’s a terrorist. However, “right-wing” is just a DISHONEST label the mainstream media (and public figures) invented just to cause maximum division between liberals and conservatives. It’s very transparent and easy to see what they’re doing.

Brenton Tarrant was motivated by two ideologies, and I repeat: White Nationalism and Fascism.

Those ideologies are neither liberal nor conservative. His primary concern was creating and maintaining an ethno-state. It had nothing to do with “right-wing” or “left-wing” for that matter. Brenton Tarrant was motivated primarily by RACE, not right or left wing politics.

An ethno-state could be socialist, social democratic, republican, democratic republican, or anything else for that matter. As long as the vast majority (or all) of the citizens of a European-style nation were white people, Brenton would be satisfied, according to his detailed manifesto.

Don’t fall for this dumb media trick where they’re painting this racist terrorist as a “right-wing” individual. Again, he was a White Nationalist and a Fascist.

Is This President Trump’s Fault?

This is another stupid media narrative floating around concerning this terrorist attack. In Brenton’s manifesto, he wrote this about whether or not he supports President Donald Trump:

“As a symbol of renewed white identity and common purpose? Sure. As a policy maker and leader? Dear god no.”

One can only speculate on what “renewed white identity and common purpose” even means, but Brenton Tarrant explicitly stated he does not support Donald Trump.

If the terrorist doesn’t support President Trump’s policies and/or leadership, this dumb narrative that somehow connects Brenton Tarrant to Donald Trump is pure tinfoil hat bullshit. That is conspiracy theory-level batshit crazy.

On behalf of everybody who wants to know the actual truth, please throw that narrative in the trash where it belongs and stop the propaganda.

What Can Regular Folks Do?

The normal response, in my opinion, to this tragedy? Sadness, grief, anger, etc. There is no wrong way to feel about this, unless you support the terrorist. If you do support Brenton Tarrant, the terrorist, I believe you’re a sick individual. He’s a mass murderer and should be viewed as the monster he is. Nobody should be celebrating this terrorism.

As regular folks, we should mourn for the lives lost. If you’re religious, maybe you should pray for the loved ones and friends of Brenton’s 50 dead victims and 48 wounded victims.

But, simply mourning and, if religious, praying is not enough. We need to understand why this happened and how Brenton’s ideology developed into homicidal nihilism. More importantly, we need to understand how this terrorist was radicalized in the first place.

How Censorship is a Huge Problem

The more we censor and excommunicate White Nationalists, the further underground we push them. Once pushed underground and censored, white nationalists develop an echo chamber where they only discuss their ideas with OTHER white nationalists!

So, what happens next? Censorship ultimately leads to white nationalists NEVER having their ideas challenged. If their ideas are never challenged, they solidify. Once those ideas solidify in the minds of white nationalists, they’re ripe for radicalization. After all, there’s nobody present to make any counterarguments or counterpoints to their proposed “demographic problems” and “solutions”.

We have to stop censorship and COMMUNICATE with these people. The less we have intellectual discussions with white nationalists, the more their echo chamber grows. The more their echo chamber grows, the more radical terrorists will commit atrocious acts of mass murder.

Do you see why just pretending they don’t exist is part of the problem? I understand their ideas are repugnant to you, but they MUST BE CHALLENGED. Keep calm and make counterarguments.

You don’t have to be their friends. That’s not what I’m saying at all. However, it would help tremendously if you engaged in serious discussions and offered non-racist solutions to their problems.

Better yet, if we communicate with them instead of censoring them, we can DEBUNK some of their racially-charged claims.

Isn’t that better than pushing things under the rug and pretending like there’s nothing wrong?

How can we be surprised that these people get radicalized when they’re censored in every way possible? Our societies can DO BETTER THAN THAT.

By persecuting people with evil ideas, we’re turning them into victims. Then, they can claim they committed their acts of terror in “self-defense”.

I know it sounds odd to a lot of people, but persecuting intolerant people, such as white nationalists, creates a victim complex in their minds and motivates them to “fight back” against what they perceive to be an attack on their “white identity”.

Do not TWIST my words into me somehow “supporting” this nonsense. I rebuke any and all acts of terrorism, regardless of the ideologies that may have motivated them.

All I’m saying is we need to challenge their ideas instead of censoring or persecuting them. Yes, their ideas might make you sick to your stomach, but we can’t keep acting like these people don’t exist. We have to reach out to them before it’s too late and EVEN MORE people get radicalized!

My Final Thoughts

I wish things were different and everybody could get along with each other. Obviously, that sounds like a pipe dream, but coexistence would be a drastic improvement for everybody. That should be in everybody’s interests.

The victims’ lives have been utterly destroyed or taken from them; their families have been forced to mourn these terrible losses.

Wounded survivors have just gone through what is probably the most traumatic experience they’ve ever had. Mentally, they may be scarred forever. I hope they get the mental healthcare and support they so desperately need after being attacked so violently by Brenton Tarrant, the terrorist.

This carnage makes my heart ache for everybody involved. What if the censorship was decreased and people were able to reach out to Brenton? Would that have stopped him from radicalization? I don’t know. Maybe it would have stopped him.

Why not TRY to reach out to these people before it’s too late?

There is no justification for Brenton Tarrant’s terrorist attack. His ideology is racist, but we need to examine it and figured out how to respond to it.

What I do know for certain is this: what we’re doing NOW to respond to white nationalism isn’t working. We need to do something different; that much I know.

This tragedy didn’t just appear out of thin air; a person with a racist ideology was radicalized in an echo chamber. We ignored it and Brenton Tarrant methodically planned a mass murder of innocent people.

It’s time to take a different approach. If this terrorist attack doesn’t set off every alarm bell and red flag that something is amiss, I don’t know what’s going to wake people up.

Ignoring these ideologies or censoring them creates the perfect storm for even more radicalization.

Ignoring white nationalism instead of confronting it will, more than likely, create more terrorists inadvertently.

We all make choices, though.

Brenton Tarrant chose to commit a horrific act of ethnic cleansing, setting off a metaphorical tidal wave of unfathomable human suffering and trauma.

In the end, the only person TRULY responsible for this terrorist attack is Brenton Tarrant himself. He is 100 percent to blame and I’m confident the New Zealand authorities will legally convict him with the maximum punishment for his violent crimes.

This is Jeffery Branham, founder and owner of The True World, signing off.

Constructive criticism and opinions are welcome!

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