I Don’t Really Care About the Black Hole Thing

I know, I know… I’m supposed to be leaping in infinite joy because women’s rights, diversity, or whatever. If I don’t fall in line in bovine agreement with identity politics, I’m a bad person apparently.

Don’t you just love when people on the internet (and in the media) try to play Armchair Sigmund Freud to paint you as an evil human being, out of nowhere, just because you MILDLY disagree with them?

It’s so much fun.

The Narrative

Mainstream Media narrative is if you have any opinion other than ridiculously exaggerated praise for scientist Dr. Katie Bouman, you’re a terrible person.

1.) She wrote the algorithm that allowed the first direct, real picture of the black hole.

2.) Nobody helped her; she was a total lone wolf.

3.) Something something girl power.

4.) You’re a “misogynist” if you react in any other way than full, unquestioning worship of Katie Bouman.

5.) If you ask questions about how the discovery was made, you “hate women.”

6.) If you even mildly suggest other scientists worked with Katie or you suspect this may have been a team effort, you’re a “troll”.

The Reality

Dr. Katie Bouman was the lead scientist of one of the teams working on this discovery that resulted in the first legitimate black hole picture. It WAS a team effort. In fact, multiple teams were working on this project.

Katie Bouman (scientist and lead researcher)

My Honest Opinion

Yes, Katie absolutely does deserve some praise. But, the media and social media slactivists are claiming her gender is extremely important. When you try to inform these people that focusing on her gender is a bit silly, they call you a “brutal misogynist”.

This means if you focus on Katie as a scientist instead of focusing on her gender, this somehow means you hate women. I wish I could say I’m shocked about this ignorant rhetoric, but unfortunately it’s not surprising to me at all.

It’s so easy to spot somebody with a ridiculous agenda. All you need to do is reach out to have a civilized discussion with the person about Katie and her team’s accomplishment. If the person responds to your level-headed, reasonable points about this discovery with insults, derision, and a refusal to engage in dialogue, that means you’re dealing with somebody who has a ridiculous agenda.

Ironically, Their Agenda Insults Katie Bouman

This dumb “she’s a woman therefore she deserves 100 percent credit” narrative is actually an insult to Katie Bouman in more than one way.

First way it’s an insult is reducing her accomplishment to her gender instead of her work ethic and intellect. I’m certain that Katie Bouman busted her ass to complete this scientific progress and focused hard on it. Meanwhile, the slackivists and meda are doing this…

They’re reducing Katie to only a vagina and breasts, damn near objectifying her in fact, but if you question their bullcrap, they ironically accuse YOU of hating women. Isn’t that interesting? Isn’t that insulting to Katie? I’m not claiming these people hate women, but they’re trying to use Katie as a pawn for their dumb agenda, viewing her as nothing more than a token “female” scientist. Yes, she is a female scientist, but that is irrelevant to her accomplishment.

Second way it’s an insult is they’re exaggerating her accomplishment almost to the point of PARODY. I used to write satire and I’d have trouble doing a better job of mocking Katie Bouman than the media and slactivists have done. So many articles out there about this read like ‘The Onion’ instead of like a serious, thoughtful op-ed that presents an argument you could make with a straight face.

To review, they’re nearly objectifying Katie Bouman with their creepy, off-putting focus on her gender instead of her accomplishment. Also, they’re exaggerating her role in the project in a satirical manner, which means they’re MOCKING her. The most annoying part of this, however, is the fact they’re using her as a pawn and mocking her, but responding to all criticism by calling you a “misogynist”.

It’s so transparent and I’m honestly embarrassed for these people for their behavior. This could have been a great celebration of scientific discovery, but it was turned into a demeaning circus of pretentious twats, along with a freak show of hypocrites and demagogues.

Same Old Pattern/Nothin New

Reasonable people, as always, were insulted and shamed into compliance, except not really, because I’m writing this article. So, I’m not compliant to their dumb narrative.

I’d like to congratulate not only Katie Bouman, but also the entire team of her coworkers who worked on this scientific project.

But, I have to instead deal with incendiary rhetoric from slactivists who have no logical points, but plenty of unoriginal insults. I didn’t engage in mindless groupthink, so I’m the bad buy. Problem is I’m not a bad guy; I’m glad scientists are making new discoveries.

Regressive people who brand themselves as “progressives” paint facetious caricatures of people like me. Why? Because I use critical thinking instead of adopting “Social Justice” as my Lord and Savior. Serious conversation is becoming increasingly impossible in this climate where every idiot has a platform and a retarded agenda to go with it.

To the slactivists who call anybody who criticizes you “misogynists” or whatever: If you truly want social justice, volunteer for a homeless shelter or donate to a legitimate charity.

Instead of REAL social justice that can actually HELP people who are struggling, though, they’ll follow their religion of intersectional feminism and FAKE social justice. This is why the NPC meme was created: groupthink is spreading like a pandemic!

Final Thoughts

This picture of a black hole has literally no effect on my life whatsoever. I still wake up, work, eat, sleep, and everything else the exact same way I did before this picture was captured.

If this picture of a black hole has radically changed your life, please tell me in the comment section below. I’d love to know how this discovery FINALLY got you accepted into Harvard or whatever. Thank goodness for that, right?

Constructive criticism and opinions are welcome!

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