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Ben Shapiro Viciously Promotes Mass Murder of Arabic People While Wearing Yarmulke

In this video, linked below, Jewish political commentator Ben Shapiro promotes the death of Iranian civilians and assassination of Iranian Government officials.

“I don’t know where this idiotic notion came from that, if you attack the United States, we are supposed to be proportionate in our response,” Ben Shapiro remarked about President Trump calling off a military strike against Iran.

The big problem with Ben’s statement is his own idiotic notion that Iran attacked the United States. I don’t remember hearing about Iranian jets bombing NYC or Los Angeles. Here in St Louis, Missouri, where I live, I haven’t heard any Iranian military jets flying around the city skyline.

Maybe the Iranians really are dropping bombs here, but they’re simply dropping them too late at night and I haven’t heard them because I’m a bit of a heavy sleeper… I guess I missed all the news reports about the Iranians nuking Chicago, too. Well, I guess I really do need to catch up on current events. I’m obviously behind on them…

What Actually Happened?

The United States had an unmanned drone flying in Iranian airspace illegally. There was no justification in this world for why it was there.

Even if the US Government’s claim is true that the drone was in ‘international airspace’, that still doesn’t explain why it was even remotely close to Iran. The real scandal is the fact there was a US drone flying around in Iran’s general area in the first place.

How and why a US drone was anywhere near Iranian airspace is a total mystery to me. I’m glad that’s where US tax dollars are going, though. As we all know, there aren’t any real problems in the US that could have used that money. It’s a total utopia here.

The local homeless man in the community probably sure is glad to hear money that could have gotten him a housing voucher and/or job training was instead spent on a drone to fly around random countries that pose no threat to the US.

The only people who seriously believe Iran is a threat to the US are neocons like John Bolton, who has never met a war he didn’t like.

Even panhandlers who invent sob stories to solicit money for crack rocks could have used the tax dollars in a better way… and word on the street does say crack rocks are less expensive than US Military drones, so again, that would have been a better, much more responsible investment.

Background Information On This

To clarify, the nation of Iran has been the victim of economic sanctions placed on them by the United States as punishment for honoring a deal created by the United States. You read that correctly. So, no matter what Iran does, even if their government is doing exactly what we wanted them to do, they apparently deserve economic sanctions because reasons.

How This War Would Benefit the US

Neither the sanctions nor the possibility of military conflict are actual United States foreign policy interests.

According to a recent poll from ‘Hill-HarrisX’, 5% of Americans are sociopaths who want the US to declare war on Iran while 49% of Americans are sane people who want diplomacy. This means only 1 out of every 20 US citizens believes we should have a war with Iran. Clearly, this isn’t a US interest at all.

Here is a graph of the poll results:

Image Credited to ‘The Hill’

However, a military conflict between United States and Iran would most certainly benefit Israel’s interests. Ben Shapiro, an angry Jewish man calling for the mass murder of predominately Arabic people, while wearing a yarmulke, might be thinking about ethno-state Israel’s interests rather than about United States’ interests. I don’t know; you tell me.

Perhaps I’m Brave For Taking A Stand

These 150 innocent civilians Ben Shapiro wanted somebody else to slaughter for him? I just want to point out these were human beings he was talking about. I understand they’re predominately Arabic, but they’re actually people, believe it or not. Most folks in the US recognize that fact and we tend to have moral concerns when the idea of mass homicide against innocent humans is brought up.

Maybe Ben’s opinion is popular and mass murder is just another day of the week for most folks. Okay, if I’m in the minority, I’m taking this opportunity to stand, firmly and bravely, against the very popular opinion that murdering 150 innocent people is justified. I should be admired for my bravery.

Of course, if you look at the like/dislike ratio on Ben Shapiro’s video, you’ll figure out I’m actually not in the minority and I’m not brave for standing against mass murder. But, it felt good describing myself as ‘brave’, so I’m leaving that in the article for posterity.

On a side note, a US war with Iran would also benefit Saudi Arabia’s interests, but considering the fact their government gives the death penalty to anybody who criticizes them, whatever the opposite of Saudi Arabia’s interests are is probably the right answer to every problem in the Middle East.

Thank goodness the citizens of Israel and Saudi Arabia are paying taxes to fund the US Military. Otherwise, I wouldn’t be able to take their interests seriously. Oh wait…

Possible Benefits for a US-Iran Military Conflict

There is absolutely no benefit whatsoever for the United States if our government officials order an attack on Iran. In fact, the best case scenario would be a large amount of new national debt along with a pile of dead bodies comparable in size. Worst case scenario would be World War 3. So, who benefits from this nonsense?

If such a military conflict happened, companies that have contracts with the US Military might see a drastic increase in their profits. So, if you’re a CEO or other business executive at a military-industrial corporation, this is great news for your bank account. If that doesn’t sound like you, there’s no benefit.

In the off chance you’re an enlisted member of the US Military, this conflict would create a great opportunity for you to sacrifice life and limb to make sure Military-Industrial Complex CEOs are able to purchase a new Lamborghini and/or new yacht.

I’m sure that’s exactly why you joined the military and you must be very excited for a chance to die or become disabled so a handful of CEOs can add an extra digit to each of their checking accounts. Sure, you might end up face down in a pool of your own blood in a desert after fighting people whose government has never attacked the United States, but look on the bright side… at least some guy wearing a $3,000 suit in the safety of his air-conditioned, private security-protected office got a new mansion. Also, the Dow Jones will be doing pretty good for the Board of Directors. That’s what really matters, right? Hey, maybe you don’t get physically harmed in combat, but you get to watch some of your friends choke to death on their own blood instead or get blown to pieces by Iranian weapons. Isn’t that so much fun? Of course, note the sarcasm of this paragraph.

Foreign Nations Can Fight Their Own Battles

I firmly believe that if Israel and Saudi Arabia wish to topple the Iranian Government, they need to get off their lazy asses and do it themselves… and pay for it themselves, too. It’s not my problem. I’m a US Citizen. Iran hasn’t done anything to me or my other fellow American citizens. So, why should our US tax dollars fund YOUR battles? Why should my nation’s soldiers have to put themselves in danger for FOREIGN COUNTRIES?

If the US is Responsible For Foreign Battles, I Have Some Requests…

When the Israeli and Saudi Arabian Governments start paying my personal bills and buying me luxurious items for my own amusement, I’ll agree to go on national television to make this statement: “Maybe we should briefly consider possibly formulating a strategy to perhaps do something negative to Iran.”

You better pay up or I won’t say it, Israel. That goes for you, too, Saudi Arabia. Oh, I almost forgot. My neighbor wants a new car to impress his girlfriend. I’d really appreciate it if Israel’s government gave him the money to buy that and, while we’re on the subject, I want Israeli taxpayers to buy me a mansion. It’s not for any special reason except for the fact I just feel like it might be cool to have a mansion, so that makes Israel’s government responsible for purchasing it for me. I might even write a post on Twitter thanking Israeli taxpayers for personally buying me a mansion, but only if I don’t find any flaws. If there’s even one rusty pipe or crack/crevice that shouldn’t be in the new home, I won’t express my gratitude in a tweet, so be advised.

I have another neighbor and she’s having a new baby. As you know, college tuition in America is very expensive, so to help her out, I’d like Saudi Arabia’s government to set up a trust fund, adjusted for hyperinflation, to pay her new baby’s future college tuition. We don’t know the gender yet, but the Saudi Government will be notified of the baby’s gender in my female neighbor’s ‘thank you’ note. How does that sound?

Ben Shapiro Educating Us On ‘Arabs’

This isn’t the first time Ben Shapiro has expressed disturbing comments about the citizens of Middle Eastern nations. In the past, Ben has taken to Twitter to express his well-balanced, well-adjusted thoughts about ‘Arabs’.

One can always look forward to the ‘good old-fashioned Arabs’.

Ahh yes… those good old-fashioned ‘Arabs’ just doing what any brown-skinned person of Middle Eastern ancestry would do (according to Ben Shapiro): arson and homicide. To be more specific, the ‘Joos’ are the targets selected by the ‘good old-fashioned Arabs’, as Ben will tell ya. Original tweet linked here.

More from Ben about ‘Arabs’.

We all know the quality of housing those ‘good old-fashioned Arabs’ like to inhabit, thanks to Ben Shapiro. As anybody of Middle Eastern ancestry will say: “We like to bomb crap and live in open sewage.” Likewise, the Israelis like to build, apparently. Maybe they’re too busy building stuff to fight their own wars. Then again, I completely understand the decision to make another country responsible for your battles when the battlefield terrain is going to be ‘open sewage’. Original tweet linked here.

There seems to be a pattern here.

Ben Shapiro temporarily becomes Nostradamus to test out his prediction skills. He may have replaced his yarmulke with a tinfoil hat before making this particular tweet. Maybe he’s right, though. Maybe those ‘good old-fashioned Arabs’ are all in on a conspiracy to commit genocide against Jewish folks, who may or may not also be good and old-fashioned. Original tweet linked here.

If you find yourself hating American capitalism, double check your personal hygiene.

Ben Shapiro educates us, with facts and logic, about why the Arab Spring rebellion began. It happened because the oppressive governments in the Middle East tried to force their citizens to shower and eat McDonald’s, as Ben will tell ya. Also according to Ben, Occupy Wall Street was a series of protests from American citizens who wished to spread awareness that showering may be harmful, especially when combined with American capitalism and Israel. Original tweet linked here.

Image credited to ‘Thought Catalog’

There’s a possibility, of course, that Ben had simply misplaced his meds while making these tweets in the past, so this might be mental health related.

Or, perhaps Ben had too much whiskey to drink. I can almost imagine his nieces and nephews describing this phenomenon: “Well, that’s Uncle Ben for ya… always going on about the ‘Arabs’ after having a few too many!”

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