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SoundCloud Working Overtime to Censor My Music

Well, the pricks over at SoundCloud are literally shadow-banning every single song I upload. For those who don’t know what that means, shadow-banning is whenever a platform hides someone’s content from other users so people can’t see it.

In other words, every time I upload a song, SoundCloud hides it from its users, who actually pay them money by the way. Interestingly enough, people pay SoundCloud money to NOT actually hear any new music, defeating the entire purpose of their platform.

I swear to God the employees over at SoundCloud must have absolutely no life and no actual work to do since they’re spending time on the clock shadow-banning me.

Well, their platform has another purpose, or so they pretend: to give independent artists a platform. LOL if SoundCloud fails at anything the hardest, it’s definitely that!

It honestly doesn’t matter what I do; they’re gonna hide my music. I thought YouTube was bad for Shadow-Banning my content, but they’re far outmatched by SoundCloud.

What’s worse is SoundCloud employees literally spend time at work creating fake accounts and spamming small musicians with ‘promotion’ HOAXES. I wish I were kidding. They insult their content creators in basically every possible way.

SoundCloud has an upload limit of 3 hours of audio, so whenever I reach that limit, which won’t take me long because I work very hard, I’ll have to pay money to upload more. Guess what I’m NOT doing? I’m not paying SoundCloud a cent!

They’re spending their time shadow-banning my music and insulting me by creating spambots to harass me… if they were intelligent, they’d be spending their time doing their fucking job, which is to make new music visible to their PAYING CUSTOMERS.

Anyway, here’s the link to my profile, where I’m uploading a new song at LEAST once a day, considering the fact I have over 10 years of music under my belt as a composer that I haven’t released.

I’d be surprised if this actually appears below…

I wouldn’t be surprised if they stopped me from embedding, too… they really hate me over there at SoundCloud HQ.
They’ve got a full Censorship Team fighting against me.

I did, however, compose a song today. First song on that embed (if they don’t censor that, too): Facing the Path.

Once I’ve reached their upload limit, they can go fuck themselves. I’ll be done with their BS after that, not paying for their “pro” plan.

Would YOU pay a company for more features if their employees were targeting you specifically? Comment below and tell me!

Kind Regards,

Jeffery Branham

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