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Video Poetry with Satire – And The Songs I Used For It

Well, it has been a great start back to music and entertainment content creation for me after my two day break over the weekend. I’ve produced two Soundtrack genre songs and also a video containing satirical poetry.

There’s a spontaneous, but interesting little backstory to my decision to create this kind of video. One of my YouTube subscribers commented on a past video I made with both criticism and encouragement.

Basically, the subscriber told me I shouldn’t be playing the “tortured artist” card, to which I replied and we had a brief conversation about the approach I was taking. So, I thought I’d find a way to mock the Music Industry in a more creative way.

That’s exactly what I did.

Satire and Poetry combined into one.

I used three of my own compositions in this video. Now, I’ve published two of them on SoundCloud. Embedded below!

Although I truly do feel like I’m not recognized like I should be, that’s not my main goal anyway. The truth is I believe my main purpose in life is to be an artist, so I will continue producing art regardless of whether or not anybody likes it or cares.

Consistency… and Productivity.

Kind Regards,

Jeffery Branham

Constructive criticism and opinions are welcome!

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