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I’m Now Releasing Lyrics Videos of my ‘Oblivion’ Album

If you don’t know yet, I’m currently releasing an album of 15 songs called ‘Oblivion’. It’s all Alternative Pop and a little Alternative Rock mixed in with it.

‘Oblivion’ is a collection of lyrical songs I’ve written about various topics concerning my life struggles and worldview.

It’s the ONLY full album of lyrical songs I’ll be releasing on SoundCloud in full, so you can check it out there. Look for songs that have the ‘Oblivion’ album logo.

Since YouTube likes to decrease audio quality, you can hear the two songs for which I made lyrics videos from SoundCloud, which isn’t the best platform by any stretch, but at least it maintains the proper audio quality of my music uploads!

Anyway, lyrics videos will be going on YouTube. I’ve released two of them so far, which are right here:

If you have a YouTube account, please Subscribe to my channel on there. And if you don’t, you’ll still see my lyrics videos as I’ll be posting them here on The True World website!

Kind Regards,

Jeffery Branham

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