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Failing ‘Music’ Platform SoundCloud Bugged – You Can Still Hear My Song

This should come as a surprise to nobody, but Failing SoundCloud is not working properly. I uploaded myself playing a trumpet solo that I composed and produced, but the failing platform is so buggy it prevents anything from appearing.

The fake ‘music’ platform, which only promotes giant record companies and shadow-bans independent musicians, isn’t allowing me to upload my newest music release.

It’s a trumpet solo of a song I wrote and produced; the trumpet solo is performed by me.

I haven’t reached their alleged “upload limit” for a free account, so that’s not the issue. When I do reach that, I’m abandoning the platform entirely.

Because of SoundCloud’s refusal to properly host independent music, their platform is failing in the marketplace. It’s embarrassing, to be honest. Spotify, iTunes, and Amazon Music are all wiping the floor with SoundCloud because their services actually work.

Plus, when you only properly host mainstream radio-friendly BS while hiding all other types of music from the listeners, you have to compete with iTunes, which means you’ll have to create something much better than SoundCloud to be competitive.

Sadly, SoundCloud, who used to be a niche market for people to discover new music, has tried to instead host mainstream garbage everybody has already heard on the radio. If I were to guess, I’d say 0 listeners have discovered new music this year on SoundCloud. That’s a generous estimate.

If people wanted to hear that stuff from the pop music radio station, they wouldn’t be on SoundCloud, so the failing company has lost money every year it has existed except for 2017. The only reason they made a profit in 2017 was because some rapper with giant record company dick in his mouth named ‘Chance the Rapper’ strongly endorsed the failing company SoundCloud.

Whoever created SoundCloud got extremely lucky to have made any money in the first place, but unfortunately sucking up to giant record companies is not a sustainable business model for them, as other, far better streaming services, such as iTunes, are already hosting Justin Bieber. Since nobody is struggling to find Justin Bieber’s music, SoundCloud has literally nothing new to offer the marketplace in terms of music streaming services.

Their strategy of shadow-banning independent musicians’ content is not working, I’m sorry to say, so they’ll soon be out of business or forced to sell their platform to a competent person with an IQ above room temperature.

I’d like to record ‘TAPS’ on my trumpet for SoundCloud’s funeral, but I’ll wait for them to go bankrupt or finally be able to sell their company before I record ‘TAPS’ in honor of SoundCloud’s marketplace death.

Right now, none of the major music streaming service companies will buy SoundCloud because the platform is so bad nobody wants it. Plus, any asking price more than $1,000 is just more than it’s worth, so SoundCloud’s owners will have to accept the reality that their platform is nearly worthless before deciding on a new asking price for prospective buyers.

Fortunately, you can still hear my trumpet solo right here:

This song is a Trumpet Solo titled ‘Adventure’.
SoundCloud can’t host this less than 3 minute song because their platform sucks.

Kind Regards,

Jeffery Branham

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