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I’m So DONE with this RIDICULOUS Crap!

And I don’t believe I’m alone in this.

First of all, I see and hear people bickering and bitching about politics, current events, their self-important opinions, etc. People can’t seem to shut the fuck up about how big of a Messiah, a savior, their political candidate is… or how great they believe President Trump is… or how abortion is “murder”… or whatever else is on their minds.

The fact is we’re all getting played.

Some people get their “views” from mainstream national media, such as CNN, MSNBC, ABC, or Fox News. Meanwhile, they pretend like they “thought for themselves”, as if the opinions of Sean Hannity or Rachel Maddow were created by the viewers. More than likely, the opinions of these mainstream national media pundits are an illusion and their personalities on TV are fake personas.

Other folks might get their “views” from YouTube channels or other Independent Media sources. Granted, that’s a better source than national TV media (in most cases), but the problem still arises. What’s the problem, you may wonder? It’s the fact people are NOT thinking for themselves in general; somebody else gets paid money to think FOR them. Whether it’s an IDIOT on television in a suit, overpaid and out of touch, or it’s a political YouTuber supported by a huge Patreon donor pool and merch, critical thinking is DEAD.

Meanwhile, the wealthiest members of our society, the Top 10% (that’s right I said 10%, not 1%), are living in Upper Middle Class financial success or they’re living in OPULENT LUXURY (depending on where on the Top 10% spectrum they are).

The rest of us have been hoodwinked.

As people who aren’t well off financially, we need to stop focusing on having OTHER PEOPLE instructing us what to think. People are making absolute BANK and they want to keep it all for themselves. We’re living in Late-Stage Capitalism, folks. The more dumb ass distractions they can convince us to fall for, the less of a chance we have to succeed for ourselves, both FOR ourselves and for our families (if we have one).

There is so much pain and suffering.

Not only do we have the Top 10% holding us down through dishonest political “facts” and/or FAKE life “advice”, but we also have the Top 1% spending billions to hold us down through distraction, total deception, and extremely underhanded marketing tactics for their giant corporations (for which they’re either shareholders, executives, or bought-and-paid-for government officials).

The sad truth is we must adapt to this insane system.

Would you like to start your own business and you have a marketable skill? DO IT. Market it and be consistent. Look at the way these corrupt corporations are marketing and start copying their tactics. I know, I know… muh “principles”. You know what your BILLS think about your principles? Does your family’s future, or your own future, need to be destroyed because you held onto “principles”?

The bills never stop, so it’s time we do something about it.

The only way to win against the Top 10% is to use their own tactics. We cannot change society into a better place unless we have enough power to do so. That power cannot be achieved by sitting around complaining about our student loan debt, medical bills, etc. We have to make money just like the people who hate us. We have to ADAPT to this Late-Stage Capitalism and this new Digital Age.

Those of us who can make money in this system can fight back.

It’s time to stop fucking bickering about politics, getting into completely retarded arguments with strangers on social media, and talking about how we “wish” things were. As the slang saying goes, paraphrased: “If you wish in one hand and shit in the other, only one hand will have something to show for it.”

Learn this corrupt, toxic economy of Late-Stage Capitalism. Figure it out and take action to better your life. Whinging, bitching, and moaning on Social Media will change nothing unless you monetize it.

We live in a Consumer Society.

Literally everything you see is an ad or a “buy my product” or whatever else. Some people don’t even realize how many ads they’re exposed to. Do you think an ad is just that video you can skip on YouTube? That commercial on television? No.

Anything with a company logo on it is an ad. That means when you go to the grocery store, you are exposed to HUNDREDS of ads and you probably don’t even realize it.

In fact, some people who are broke (without money) have donated their BLOOD to make 20 or 40 dollars and get through their week of poverty. I’m using that as an example because I had to do it myself three years ago. Sold my blood for money and it’s actually a LEGAL business that purchased my blood. Literally my blood because I didn’t have money.

Power requires MONEY in Late-Stage Capitalism

You can complain for eternity about politics, our broken system, our corrupt-to-the-bone institutions, or how it affects your life. But, complaining will accomplish nothing unless you have either power, influence, or money. Sometimes, you’ll need all three of those things to make a difference.

I understand not everybody wants to change society and especially not the world. That’s a huge task almost nobody can accomplish. However, if you don’t want to be an activist (gain influence), a business executive (power and money), or a government official (power, money via corruption, influence)… you still need money. We all need money to live.

Your home? Not free.

Your food? Not free.

Your medical bills? Not free (and it’s the number 1 cause of bankruptcy in the United States).

Your college education? DEFINITELY not free (and discharging student loan debt through bankruptcy is impossible due to government policy).

Having a family also isn’t free, as some of you know firsthand.

DO NOT WAIT for good luck or a politician to make things better. Get off your ass and do it yourself. THINK FOR YOURSELF. The well off and wealthy people will never help you. The government might give you a pity handout, but they will never help you either.

Help Yourself.

You’re the only one who can.

And I hope to God you have a family or support system behind you, but if you don’t, let go of the toxic people and help yourself. It’s tough with no family, but you have no other option except for suicide, which I will never encourage.

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