I’m Jeffery Branham. I’m a disabled combat veteran, who served in the US Military in my late teens and early 20s. I’ve been composing music and songwriting for over 10 years now. Also, I have a talent for satire and social commentary with artistic flair.

But, life hasn’t been easy for me. When I started this website, it was just a normal blog site where I posted Satire to mock current events. Then, I got this bold idea to launch my own small business. Despite all odds in the world stacked completely against me, I officially launched my business anyway.

I wanted the WORLD to read, see, and hear my Art.

Also, I have a vision that someday, my company will grow and I will be able to launch entertainment products and apps. I want to spearhead this new revolution of Art. We’re living in the Digital Age; some call it the “4th Industrial Revolution”.

With automation and market globalization taking over human civilization, it’s a new age for Postmodern Art. With automation and outsourcing, people are now more free than ever before to create Art, whether it be writing, drawing, graphic designing, music composition, etc.

This website was founded on 26 October 2018.

The True World is a Small Entertainment Business located in St Louis, Missouri.