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‘Pride is a Virtue’ – Video Essay

I have unpopular opinions that I would like to share with the world. More often than not, I write about them, save them on WordPad on my computer, and never publish them anywhere. THAT CHANGES TODAY! I wrote an essay on the topics of Art and Individualism, elaborating on how those two concepts are related, from the perspective of an Artist. After writing this essay, I was originally going to publish it only in writing,…

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Ben Shapiro Viciously Promotes Mass Murder of Arabic People While Wearing Yarmulke

In this video, linked below, Jewish political commentator Ben Shapiro promotes the death of Iranian civilians and assassination of Iranian Government officials. “I don’t know where this idiotic notion came from that, if you attack the United States, we are supposed to be proportionate in our response,” Ben Shapiro remarked about President Trump calling off a military strike against Iran. The big problem with Ben’s statement is his own idiotic notion that Iran attacked the…

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