1.) Terms of Use

The purpose of this website is to deliver media and entertainment to its audience. The True World is protected by the US Constitution through Freedom of Speech and Freedom of Press.

2.) Copyright Policy

If content from The True World is used by any company or third party content creator, this website must be named by whoever uses that content. All music posted on this website is protected by standard copyright laws pertaining to music, so obviously you cannot use it without permission from the owner.

Owner and founder Jeffery Branham is a music composer, so all presentations of his music are owned by him, falling under all standard music copyright protection laws. If you want permission to use one of his songs, use the Contact form.

If any post on this website includes a copyrighted image, notify The True World that you own that image. You must provide evidence that the image belongs to you or your organization. After proving ownership of that image, Jeffery Branham (website administrator) will remove the image or replace it with a different image.

3.) Liability

The True World and its authors are not qualified to give professional advice including, but not limited to, medical, legal, or health. If any post contains information pertaining to those subjects, any advice therein is not professional advice and must be followed at your own risk. We are not responsible for any damages incurred as a result of following advice from this website.

4.) Privacy Policy

Any personal or contact information shared to us confidentially will not be shared with any other party unless it is officially court-ordered by a Judge or Law Enforcement Agency in a United States jurisdiction. The True World does not recognize court orders from outside the United States because we operate in the US State of Missouri. We follow United States federal law and Missouri state law.

If you would like a personal story to be shared in a future post on The True World, website administrator Jeffery Branham will ask for your consent to share the story publicly. He will also ask for your consent on whether or not to use your real name. If you do not give consent for your real name to be used, The True World will use a fake name instead. If you already provided us with a fake name to begin with, that is also okay, but Jeffery will still ask you for consent to use the name you provided.

However, if you have published something on a third-party website containing your real name and The True World references your content/name, you have no recourse. When you chose to publish that information publicly on a third-party website, you opened your content up to reference and/or scrutiny by any and all entities with access to that information.

5.) Guest Writer Policy

If you are not an official employee of The True World, website administrator Jeffery Branham reserves the right to terminate your association for any reason. We support Freedom of Speech, so offensive or controversial content is unlikely to be removed. However, doxing, pornographic images/videos, and incitement of violence are strictly prohibited. If you use copyrighted content in a guest writer article, make sure it falls under the Fair Use doctrine.

6.) Advertisers and Sponsors

If you purchase a product or service marketed through an advertisement or a sponsor of The True World, any issues relating to that product or service are between you and the vendor. This website is not responsible for products or services offered by advertisers or sponsors. That is business between you and them, not The True World.

If owner/founder Jeffery Branham or any other representative of The True World has personally advertised the product with which you’re having issues, we will make an attempt to contact the sponsor ourselves to bring it to their attention. However, we encourage you to contact them yourself as well. Doing that will help ensure your problem with the product is solved more quickly.

7.) Official Social Media

The True World does not yet have a Facebook page, but we will create one in the future.

The official YouTube channel for The True World can be found here. Any other YouTube channel claiming to represent this website or company is fake.

Our Twitter handle is @TheTrueWorld1. The link to that is here. Any other Twitter account claiming to represent this organization is fake.

NOTE TO AUDIENCE: Outside of YouTube and Twitter, The True World does NOT have other social media. We do not have an ‘Instagram’ and founder Jeffery Branham doesn’t have a ‘Snapchat’ or anything else of that nature, so all personal social media accounts claiming to BE Jeffery Branham are fake.


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